Monday, May 03, 2010

My Happy List

Everyday when my students walk into class they have a Focus, which is just a question to get them settled and ready to learn for the day. Some days their focus has to do with a grammar concept or a short story, while other days it is a free write or silly question. There are a few days a year when the kids' focus is to write a happy list. What happens is I set my timer for 3 minutes, and the kids make a list of things that make them happy. It is an instant spirit boost. 

It's all kinds of Monday, and I am in need of a happy list today! So here we go...

  1. Long summer dresses
  2. Sunset photo sessions
  3. My nephew, Cash
  4. Japanese Grills
  5. Big Kody Dog
  6. My huge number 9s that Daddy is making for my front porch
  7. Hanging flower baskets
  8. Flip flops
  9. Books
  10. God's Amazingness
  11. Green doors
  12. Big hair
  13. A clean house
  14. Green grass
  15. Almost blooming peonies
  16. New music
  17. Teacher Appreciation Week
  18. Jeans week @ work
  19. Singing in the car
  20. Well behaved classes
  21. Summer drawing nearer
  22. Baby photo shoots
Because every post is better with a photo, here's one of my nephew from our photo shoot today.
What would be on your happy list today?

1 comment:

  1. So I thought #4 said Japanese Girls at first. :) #10 is a definite happy item.
    I love my babies, but I also love when they nap. Really it makes everyone happy. :)
    My kids laughter
    Ice Cream
    Eating in general especially food I didn't have to cook :)


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